Sunday Roundup – March 9, 2014

Survey data is often relied on as correct, but is difficult to predict the element of choice. Making an informed choice about whom or what should be allowed into power relies on information, and the things we need to know is not always available.

Consumers could give up social media, stronger ties to phone, email.

First of all, I know smoking cigarettes and using social media are two very different addictions. One changes how much of a specific chemical is needed to elicit a response from nerves in the brain. The other is stimulus based on online social interaction (likes, comments, retweets, etc).

I think this survey indicates a prime reason to double-check any data. Many smokers say they want to quit. Many heroin addicts say the same thing. Checking a box in a survey saying that you believe social media would not be difficult to give up is easy – following through is different.

UN report identifies 30 drone strikes that warrant “public explanation” from US, UK, & Israel. The link leads to that report. It’s worth looking over if you have the time. I shared this because I think it is important for governments to converse openly with their people. The theory behind Western democracy is that governments have power because we give it to them through voting, so we have a right to know what actions the government takes. If we don’t agree with that action, then we can exercise our right to remove that government from power. Keeping too many secrets does not allow for voters to make an informed choice.

Over to You…

What do you think about surveys and government action? Did I miss something important? Let me know by commenting!

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