Sunday Roundup – May 4, 2014

Day one of Social Media Camp 2014 was a blur of returned smiles, and an auditory cacophony of “good morning” and “welcome to Social Media Camp 2014!” – I volunteered as a greeter (I recommend that to anyone working on interacting with strangers). Day two was eight hours of information intake. The final keynote speaker, Julien Smith stands out amid those hours.

He pointed out that change is constant. It doesn’t stop or end – like death and taxes it is inevitable.

To paraphrase Mr. Smith: Life is not just about what you want to be, it is about what you want to be plus what the environment demands. Change to be what you want but never forget that you do not exist in a vacuum.

The short game, the long game and the infinite game

The infinite game is not one that can be won. It has no end. The game itself must be the reason for playing.

What you want to be needs to be an infinite game. Julien Smith, I believe, is playing the infinite game and is asking us all to do the same. The purpose is to evolve, not to “win”.

Ep 2 of Vogville Presents Conversations with Brian Thompson and Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee says it well. Going from hockey to music is a drastic change. He also notes that one must be in a constant state of evolution – to play the infinite game.

To borrow from Mr. Smith again, “the you that you think is you is temporary”. Mr. Brownlee realized that he wanted to be something else. His current self – a hockey player – gave way to the singer-songwriter, and eventually the co-writer. He makes a living, I am sure, but it sounds like he makes it in a constant state of “becoming” what he wants to be (another infinite game).

“There are not enough professionals to help with suicidal individuals, so it is up to us to care and help”

Speaking about suicide and mental illness is a change everyone can make. Chris Holt opened the second day of Social Media camp on that note.

Open and honest conversation are worth doing for their own sake. Helping another human work through the pressures of life is worth even more.

Over to You…

What is your infinite game? What part of the environment has shaped that game for you?

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