Sunday Roundup – May 25, 2014

A friend told me a story last week. She and a friend had just connected on LinkedIn. His first message to her would be paraphrased as “Shall we discuss the ways that I can sell you my services?”

He does not know if she wants his services. He does not know if she even cares. He is taking the most direct path without looking at the ground underneath his feet.

How is Your LinkedIn Etiquette, Gentle Reader?

Non-robotic greetings, turning off notifications that annoy others, and something as simple as being friendly are a part of everyday life. On an online inter-professional sales network, that same humanization leads to more, better relationships.

Nonetheless, everyone is tuned to his or her own Radio WIFM (What’s In it For Me) station. Trying to be valuable to others without taking the time to tune in is like delivering a load of products that were never ordered.

Sales is Changing, Lets Get Rid of the Stigma

Two-thirds (a conservative estimate) of a sale has nothing to do with the salesperson. A sale is not automatic – it results from knowing the client is interested, what they need, and how you can deliver it.

Blatant, impersonal sales pitches (like that of our aforementioned friend of a friend) tell a succinct story: “you are no more important than the last person I messaged”. Stick to the client’s needs, not your need to make an easy sale.

Just the News

Etiquette ought to carry over to Twitter’ paid connection requests (advertisements asking a user to follow a brand) on networks that allow them. I don’t mind being sold on a corporate Twitter feed, especially if that connection will give me something I want.

Thus my favourite Target comes under the crosshair:Target_Tweet-2014_May03

Target wants to be followed, but the advertisement states no specific offer in the Tweet, nor is there a specific reason why staying “…in the Loop with the Bullseye” has any value to me.

“Do it just because” is not an effective sales pitch.

Over to You

Should Promoted Tweets follow a standard of etiquette? Do you agree with my assessment of Target’s tweet?

Comment here or Tweet me with your answers.

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