Home Tour

This is my home for the next six months as shown through the eye of a digital camera. I’ve been moved in here for just under two weeks at time of publication.

Amenities include attractively barred windows, fully equipped kitchen, beds, furniture, deadbolt locks (imported from Italy, apparently) on every door that require a key on both sides, television (no cable/satellite/etc), shower water heater (!), and mosquito netting. Walls, floor and ceiling are all concrete, the only wood being interior doors, shelving units, closets, and table legs.

The unit is in a compound with six other units. Compound amenities include a security guard, attractively barred front gate, neighbours with children, roughly 3.7 metre (12 foot) concrete walls with a half metre (~1.6 foot) of electric fencing or razor wire, one dog, and a very nice manager named Medi (probably spelled incorrectly…).

Check each image caption for more detail about each.

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