Sunday Roundup – April 6, 2014

We are proud of communication. Whether we are sharing a mundane shopping list or a multi-hundred-page report, using words and language to convey meaning is something to celebrate—when it is done correctly.

Sometimes being correct is a matter of logic. Just because something has been done one way for a long time, for example, does not mean that it is the best way of doing it:

Have you been to this meeting?

Sometimes being correct is a matter of terminology and knowledge. Click the title and watch the video embedded in Mr. Godin’s blog post. Big words sound impressive; using them in context requires knowing what the word means. Say what you know, and let experts guide you when you do not.

Stuck for Words: 5 things to not say when a person is grieving

Sometimes being correct is a matter of emotion. Feelings are complicated, especially those as strong as grief, and it is not always clear how one can help. We look inward and speak about our own emotions often, so walking with someone through their own is not easy.

Over to You…

What do you think about how people communicate? What is correct? What is polite?